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Stencils for Painting
Charities Wanting Face Painters For Free!
Airbrush Tattoos with a whiff of perfume
Training Day Sat 26 Jan 2013
Thistle Stencils and Scottish Tattoos


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Tattoos with Perfume
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What Are Temporary Airbrush Tattoos TAT's?
When did temporary airbrush tattoos start?
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Stencils for Painting

Did you know you can buy stencils from us? We have been producing Company Logos, Event Designs etc for over 5 years. With so many of our clients asking for bespoke stencils we have decided to add to our site. 

Stencils can be in any size up to 12inches wide and 12inches deep. We can design one for you or you can send us a Jpeg of what you are looking for. Make sure the design is licensed to use. 

All stencils are adhesive backed and can be used 2 or 3 times. They can stick to skin, walls and fabric.

Charities Wanting Face Painters For Free!

Charities Wanting Face Painters For Free!
Got this enquiry today. Can you see what is wrong with it? The event is happening on Halloween. But they are calling it their Christmas Fair. Halloween - one of the only dates of the year facepainters get the chance to actually earn some money.....

"We are looking for a face painter who can attend the Christmas Fair and offer face painting for our guests.  There would be a charge of £250 for the table hire and this would include having flyers on our sponsor table and **************  would help to promote you amongst their discerning ********parents.

Airbrush Tattoos with a whiff of perfume

Press  ReleaseAirbrush Tattoos26 March 2013 

Tattoos used to be for Rock Stars, bikers and musicians. Now our sports personalities are getting TATS, latest being Lionel Messi with his sons hands tattooed on his leg.  This year also saw Wimbledon tennis players give us a glimpse of what was under their tennis whites. What if you could have a tattoo that looks like the real thing?  Your design and no pain? Cheryl Cole’s Roses which could have been removed after the Girls Aloud tour?

Training Day Sat 26 Jan 2013

Would you like to learn how to start an Airbrush Tattoo business? How to use an airbrush gun? What are the best compressors to use? How do you make stencils?  

Strawberry Studio will be holding a training day on Saturday 26th January 2013 in London.  For more information contact us on

Thistle Stencils and Scottish Tattoos

I am now making "Thistle Stencils" for your Scottish events! We have just come out of everything "London" and "Jubilee" where my crown and Royal Family Silhouette tattoos went down a storm at events and parties all over London. Now we are heading for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games! Would love to hear your ideas around what Scottish tattoos I can make?  

Making Stencils for Airbrush Tattoos

It has taken me over a year to find out how to make my own stencils, with which material and with which cutting machines......I have now mastered this and have been busy making and designing tattoos for my clients! 

Julie Android owner of The Strawberry Studio

Julie Android was a "New Wave" singer back in the day.  Now owner of Strawberry Studio, Temporary Airbrush Tattoos and Face Art. Also has a strong background in the corporate event industry.

Julie Android, kitsch, singer who liked to make her own earings from Chandelier Chrystals. PAIN!
Photo circa 1980

Airbrush Tattoos with aroma?

Yes thats right..temporary airbrush tattoos can now be sprayed with the scent of your  product.  The first product launch will be for Paco Rabanne at Debenhams stores. His and hers ink will have the scent of the wonderful BlackXS perfume for men and women. The tattoo ink when dry locks in the scent even after washing.  It is truly amazing. A logo tattoo with the scent is definately a must at any new product launch!! Have a look here

How long have Temporary Airbrush Tattoos been around?

How long have Temporary Airbrush Tattoos been around?

Temporary airbrush tattoos have been in existence since about 1998 and are largely used in marketing, advertising and the entertainment industry. Because of the constant research and development of airbrush equipment and inks, airbrush tattoos today so closely resemble real tattoos that many people cannot tell the difference

What Are Temporary Airbrush Tattoos (TAT's)?

There seems to still be some confusion as to what exactly TAT's are. 

Relatively new to the Uk but been around in Australia and the States for years!  Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are a non permanent image on the skin resembling a real tattoo.  They are airbrushed on to a stencil which is placed on to any part of the body.  The skin can be previously cleaned with surgical spirits to remove any  naturarl oils or creams. This makes the tattoo last longer.  Each tattoo, depending on the skin type can last from 2 to 7 days and takes minutes to apply!